The Beauty Of Silk for Anti-Ageing

The Beauty Of 100% Silk for Anti-Ageing  - Boho Lifestyle Journal - Rezortly

Wake Up Looking & Feeling Refreshed With Silk

Very few of us are happy with our "fresh out of bed" look.
From creased skin, sleep wrinkles, skin reddening through to unsightly bed head.
Faces and hair are often the casualties of a night spent with cheeks and scalp against a harsh cotton pillowcase. Something as simple as a silk pillowcase could change this scenario, offering a range of health, beauty and anti-ageing benefits!
Take a look at why a growing number of people are opting for a silk pillowcase.

Soothe and protect delicate facial skin

Silk contains a number of active ingredients which can actually work to replenish and renew the skin while you sleep, assisting with anti-ageing. Anti-oxidant and non toxic, silk may help to promote cell regeneration and renewal.

Generally, people use cotton pillowcases. Whilst these are absorbent and hygienic, they can be very harsh on the face's delicate skin. The elasticity and tone of skin naturally declines with age, meaning that a night on a cotton pillow can cause significant wrinkles as the cheek is rubbed against the cotton. Silk is a much smoother material which gives far less resistance to facial skin. A night lying on a silk pillow causes much less wear and tear on the skin than using a cotton equivalent. Some rosacea sufferers even find that their symptoms reduce in severity once they start to use a silk pillowcase.

Keep hair looking good and in better condition 

Nobody likes waking up with bed head - messy hair and a loss of style isn't just time consuming to sort out, it can also result in the overuse of hair products and heat, creating brittle hair that lacks lustre and condition. Silk helps to keep hair styles in place, reducing the likelihood of wild, untamed locks in the morning! Silk works to prevent this in two ways: firstly, silk is a low friction material. A silk pillowcase allows the hair to move freely as the head turns, without dragging it out of shape; secondly, because mulberry silk is an organic material created by silk worms, it contains naturally occurring proteins and active compounds that have been found to have a beneficial effect on hair.

Luxurious silk: kind to you and the planet

Silk feels sensational! A smooth, lustrous material that is a delight to lie on. Not only an aid to beauty and a skin tonic, the delicate, soft texture of a silk pillow means it's a decadent bedtime choice that enables everyone to enjoy a touch of luxury. Environmentally friendly and sustainable, mulberry silk is a natural material which offers health and anti-aging benefits, as well as being kind to the planet.

What pillowcase will you sleep with tonight?

After a good nights sleep with silk you'll be amazed at the difference. Invest in silk to start your day looking and feeling naturally refreshed. Shop our silk pillowcase range now and start seeing and enjoying the benefits of silk.


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